National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation (PNCDI) 2 - Program 4
Studies for seismic risk evaluation and for a loss estimation model using geographic information system (2007-2010)
CEEX Program - "Excellence Research"Partner
Theoretical and experimental studies for seismic risk reduction of buildings from national cultural patrimony (2006-2008)
Research studies and/or technical studies for:

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
Boreholes drilling, SPT, geophysical investigations, microtremor measurements
Wienerberger Masonry Systems SRL
Structural testing on masonry elements
Ministry of Transports, Constructions and Tourism
Study on quick inspection of RC buildings damaged by earthquakes
Study on testing of structural elements to lateral seismic loading using reaction frames

University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" Bucharest
Technical study on structural systems for temporary housing
Profesional Construct SRL
Seismic evaluation of existing building
National Administration for State Patrimony
Seismic evaluation of existing building
National Institute for Building Research (INCERC)
Boreholes drilling, geophysical investigations
SC Geosolutions Expert SRL
Boreholes drilling
SC Geo-Serv SRL
Boreholes drilling
SC Soconac SRL
Building ambient vibration measurements