Legal frame
The National Center for Seismic Risk Reduction is a public institution of national interest, a specialized legal entity, under the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing of Romania.

The objective of the National Center for Seismic Risk Reduction activity consists in the implementation of the Japanese Technical Cooperation Project on the Reduction of Seismic Risk for Buildings and Structures and also of other national and international projects.
goals and objectives (PDF)


The Centre activities are carried out in partnership with Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest and National Institute for Research-Development in Construction and Construction Economics –INCERC Bucharest.

The activities of the National Centre for Seismic Risk Reduction are carried out in four divisions, namely:
Division 1 - Building Retrofitting and Design Codes
Division 2 - Seismic Observation Network
Division 3 – Technical Experimentation for Soil and Structures
Division 4 – Dissemination of Knowledge and Training of Engineers

The running expenses and the investments of the Centre are financed from extra-budgetary incomes and state budget allocations through the MDRL budget.

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